Stockholm, Saskatchewan

The Stockholm area was settled in the 1880’s, mostly by Swedish Immigrants who names the village after the largest city in their homeland, and made New Stockholm the largest Swedish settlement in Canada at the time.  Later, settlers from Hungary migrated to the area, creating an ethnic mix that is still reflected in the family names and character of the community.

The Village of Stockholm is located within the R.M. of Fertile Belt #183.  The land is now used primarily for mixed farming, grain farming, cow and calf operations, hog finishing, elk farming, registered seed growing, honey productions as well as market gardens and specialty farming.  Several farmers raise horses including, Clydesdales, quarter and miniature, for both recreation and show animals.

Stockholm is no longer strictly a farming community but is much more diverse ethnically, economically and culturally.  Developments such as the potash mines have brought many new tradespeople and professionals to make their homes here.