Stockholm businesses provide a wide variety of services to the community including a hardware store with tire repair and both gasoline and diesel fuel available, a grocery store, liquor vendor and meat processing business, a restaurant, a fertilizer and farm supply business, an upholstery business, an insurance agency and motor license issuer, a sign builder and installer, a transport company, the rural municipality office and shop, and a hair dresser.  We are also served by a Credit Union and a post office.  All this contributes to the area’s booming way of living, which is also paving the way for inquiries on industries and lots for new homes.

Stockholm has a depot for STC which offers passenger and parcel delivery 5 days a week.

Businesses include:

Stockholm Co-op, Stockholm Agencies, Stockholm Foods, Sharpe’s Soil Services, Larry’s Upholstery, Majestic Catering, Shivak Grees Landscaping, Plasti-Lite Signs Inc., Raven Industries Canada Inc., Griffith Transport, R.M. of Fertile Belt #183 and North Valley Credit Union (Stockholm Branch).